Went up on the Friday, Me, Scoff, Nic Nack, Turn coat, Organizer, Reaction, Piggy, Snaking, Boss, Swampy, Grumpy, Model and Lazy. Had a great time usual piss up on the Friday night, ready for some serious racing, on Saturday. Weather was great and a very busy track.

The times started to drop with a few pb, Scoff running a 12.6, Piggy running the 100e, for the first time and did a very respectable 11.8, well done boys. Boss done 10.1, Budda, was  back to where I was about 3 years ago, with a 10.7, well happy and car still running. Snaking Taz running a 9.99, Reaction running 9.8, Turn coat did 10.1, Lazy did a 11.1 without gas, watch this space, more to come. Model Taz did 9.8, Grumpy was absolutely shit, and less said the better, lol. 

Would also like to thank Judith for the teas, and apple pie and custard, it’s an Essex thing, lol. Well done to Reaction Taz for turning into a proper Taz racer by getting pissed, it’s the rules. The whole weekend was absolutely great we all had a good time, can t wait for the next, hopefully all be there.

Pictures to follow. 

Budda Taz.

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