We raced the Bodicea Topolino for another year which resulted in both Bex and Haz bettering their times and Bexs other half Dave running a 10.5. It was obvious to all that the girls had got the drag racing bug and that Bodicea was too really small for Haz or Dave to drive safely. Bodicea had only rear wheel brakes and used an old Standard 10 steering box. Although this was the norm back in the sixties or seventies I couldnt really let my kids drive it as they already wanted to go faster. What they dont understand is how long I was racing before I hit a 10 second pass !! I decided it was easier to sell Bodicea than try to make the car bigger and safer in every way. I sold the car without the engine to some mad Croations who wanted to put a blown Audi motor in it. They rang me some time later saying they were struggling to keep it on the ground!! I then bought another Topolino Altered that was known as Frantic. This was originally a big block chevy car that was a tad lively at the top end. I had the chassis checked out by Bill Felstead and he thought it was too stiff and slightly twisted at the front. He took out some bracing and completely re-built the front end. I bought an engine from Ray White which was a blown methanol injected motor. It dynoed with very little boost at 905hp. I put this motor in the car and ran down in the 7s. Too much for the girls again so I bought another engine and put this in the car for them. This is a 427 small block with a tunnel ram and twin 600 cfm carbs. The girls have been steadily progressing with the car getting quicker and quicker. The track staff at the Pod said they would prefer that we burned out as our slicks were messing up the track. This was abit of a learning curve as you cant sit next to someone to show them how to burnout in an altered!! Next came using the transbrake as well as the burnout. At the end of the season both girls had run a 10.3 Haz abit quicker than Bex but Dave trumped them both by running a 9.8 . This winter I have had a cam ground to match the rest of the car and then I shall take the engine up to Kenny Coleman for a dyno run. With this info I shall get a new torque converter made to match and see if we cant get Bex and Haz deep into the 9s. I shall report on this later. 

 After the disasterous event at North Weald I realised that my truck was a bit too quick for my girls to drive. They needed a car of their own so I decided on an Altered, as it was a small race car and would fit in the garage next to the truck. I looked about and found that Bill Felstead was selling an incomplete car with a Jag engine and box. I didnt really need the hassle of Jag stuff and eventually managed to buy just the chassis.  Originally this was to be a cheap car with Rover power,  and track 'T' body, but as time went on it changed to a small block Chevy, powerglide 9" rear with MG brakes and a brand new Patt Cuss Fiat Topolino body.  Darren painted the body a retro looking metallic bronze, and we got some graphics made with the name Bodicea, which was chosen after my girls personality traits. Bex has run a time of 11.4 so far and Haz is not far behind her. This season I have freshened the motor and put a better camshaft in and changed the gearing from 2.5:1 to 3.5:1 so this should make the car come off the line a bit quicker. It should run high tens this year wich is where we want to be.

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