When I decided to build a third fiat it was originally for my daughter Lucy, but as I neared completion she decided to go travelling. As my nephew Ben had got the bug, I sold him the yellow early Toyota MR2 engined Fiat. He had already bought a blue one so a deal was struck and he was out racing with us, and I had to start another one. This time I used the MK2 MR2 Turbo engine as I needed a new challenge.
I mounted the engine in a sub frame the same way I had done to Ben’s. It’s slightly bigger and much heavier and the turbo is very close to the bulk head. I rebuilt the engine in stock form for the moment, but I did fit a lighter flywheel and race clutch. The car uses the original ECU and sensors. This did cause me a few headaches, but with the original engine wiring loom and a good workshop manual I managed to sort it, although I think it was more luck. It started on the first turn of the key. Cooling taken care of by a Honda civic rad with electric fan mounted in the front of the car with heavy duty hoses running through the engine. The suspension set up is nearly stock MR2 as I used the original rear crossmember with all the tie bars, lower arms and drive shafts although I did have to shorten them. Also gaz coilover were used as the originals were too big. Disc brakes were fitted from and rear for good stopping power. Inside there is a full rollcage, two bucket seats with 4 point harness’s and autometer gauges.
The first outing was the 2011 Mopar Nats where it was quickly realized it would need wheelie bars as it was picking the wheels up in first and second gears much to the delight of everyone. With mid to low 13 sec runs at 100mph Lucy is pleased with the car, but in true Taz spirit, she is hoping to run 12’s in the near future.




After running the car for the last couple of years l decided a bit of a update was need and as lucy has never really liked the colour a respray by our mate Darren has just been completed.The car is now painted skoda race blue and looks a lot better.
I have also just installed forged cp pistons and manley rods and this will allow us to up the boost a little although the car has been running really well over the last few years getting quicker and quicker with a best so far with Lucy driving  of 11.95 at 120mph so perhaps this year low  11's
I am well impressed with the toyota engines as there is so much you can do on the tuning side and as yet I have only just touched the surface,although 308bhp isn't bad.
Next is a upgrade on the ecu side but we will probably run it as it is this year.

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