1978 Ford Capri 3.0 Ghia

Dart sportsmans block 400ci
Custom made pistons to handle 400hp of gas, keeping the same compression ratio as before.
Scat crank
Dart pro 1 heads
Dart manifold
New cam just fitted from Crower, just cut up the cam I purchased from a guy in the states. Keep away from taking advise from halfwits on forums, oh that could be me.

Rear end
Ford 9"
4.11 gears

Rear, still using Capri leaf springs, works so no point in changing.
Front, capri struts

Brembo 4 pots at front
Rear Cosworths.

Fitted a full role cage, and thanks to Darren for a fantastic paint job.

Looking forward to getting the Capri to the start in 2004, fourth time lucky.


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