Pontiac Trans Am


History Part 1

The Pontiac Trans Am started life in 1967, and progressed thro to 1981, (changing yearly). First Generation being 1967-1969, 2nd Generation 1970-1981.

History Part 2

I purchased my 1978 Trans Am in 2003. It was the four speed manual which I used as a daily driver. My understanding wife Lisa, got me interested in drag racing when I went to watch her dad, John Blay and uncle Phil Caswell race.

I became a member of Surry Muscle. But racing the manual, became expensive with having to change the clutch on a regular basis. So I purchased a Turbo 400 gear box which Roger Luty rebuilt. After blowing 2 head gaskets and finally seizing the engine, on a Sunday cruise, it was time to lay the Pontiac to rest.

In 2007 I stripped the car completely with the help from Richard Nuggent. I started the rebuild on the emphasis of keeping it street legal. It is all metal still, the shaker scoop is 1 ½” bigger to take the bigger carb. It still has electric windows, original seats and dash etc.

Modifications & Rebuild

I purchased a Scott Shafiroff 582 ci big block, Chevy. Comprising of, Merlin block with Eagle rods, JE/SRP 10.5-1 forged ali pistons, Dart Pro 1 345 ali heads, 1050 Holly carb, electric water pump, mid motor plate.

The gearbox is a Roger Luty built TH 400 reverse pattern, with trans brake. The car went to John Sleath who built and fitted the roll cage, also a Martz chassis front clip with coil overs and willwood disc brakes. Fuel cell, John also made and fitted 2 1/2“ headers.

Back Axle

Is a John Sleath prepared currys casing 35 spline shafts, 35 spline Detroit locker with 3.50-1 gears. Back suspension is made up of pro ladder bar kit and coil over shocks.


Centre line convo fronts 6x15, rear 10x15 with Mickey Thomson et street radials.

Best Time 9.90 @138

Power Tour Winner 2009


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