Rules for the “Danny Skinner Trophy” 2015

  1. All persons currently In Taz Racing are eligible to enter.

  2. Entry fee is £20 per year, payable to the Race Master.

  3. Competitors shall choose any 4 race meetings during the season.

  4. Chosen meetings can be either one or two day events.

  5. A meeting chosen for competition must be registered with the RaceMaster before any passes are made.

  6. Registration can be verbal, or if the Race Master is not available then a text will be ok.

  7. If a meeting is chosen for competition and the car breaks on the start line but has broken the lights. Then this will be deemed to have competed in that meeting.

  8. Before any runs are made a projected time in seconds, tenths and hundredths must be declared to the race master.

  9. A competitor can run as many times in the chosen meeting as they desire and the nearest time to the previously declared time shall be the time used to allocate points.

  10. If a competitor declares a pre race time of 10.20, and the nearest time achieved during that meeting was 10.37 then he or she will be awarded 17 points. Or if they run quicker, say 10.12 then they will receive 8 points.
  11. The object is to receive the least amount of points i.e.0

  12. At least two different tracks must be used in the four track choice. So you cannot use Santapod for all four choices.

  13. If for whatever reason a competitor is unable to complete all four races they will be awarded 50 points for every race not entered.

  14. Two competitors can utilise one race car in competition and both competitors can declare the same or different times.

  15. After the last designated meeting, probably “Flame and Thunder” the Race Master will tally the points.

  16. The total amount in the prize money will donated to a good cause, decided by all the racers.

  17. The “Danny Skinner” trophy will be awarded to the racer with the least points. This will be presented at the Christmas dinner by a celebrity guest.

  18. Last but not least, the Race masters decision is final.


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