I have often been asked why Taz Racing and does it mean anything? Well the answer to both questions is the same Danny Skinner.

The little Red fiat was started in the same year as my son Danny was born 1985, as Danny grew, the Red fiat was joined by the Blue one built for my brother Mark. The fiats along with Danny and the cars of our friends started to race under the name Big Nose Racing, which for all of you who know Mark and myself the reason for this name is obvious.
In 1997 Danny lost his battle with the disease Cystic Fibrosis, which affects the lungs and digestive systems.

As a tribute to Danny and to ensure he would always be a part of the racing he loved so much, Mark and I decided to change our name to Taz Racing, why Taz? Well Taz was Danny’s favourite cartoon character.

The Taz Racing stickers are found in the cars of family, friends and people who knew Danny. Over the years Taz Racing has grown, with my daughter Lucy, our families and friends joining what has become a very close group, We all share a common interest, but maybe more than that, a group who like to enjoy ourselves and each others company.

Chris Skinner

 The gang enjoying a beer at Santa Pod 2011


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